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Michael Jackson : Why MJ Won

DVD INFORMATION   A TV Special showing the facts as to why Michael Jackson won the case and what the future holds for him.   MENU : YES FORMAT : PAL/NTSC REGION : REGION FREE CONDITIO…


Michael Jackson : World Music Awards 2006 2 Disc

DVD INFORMATION   Intro Red carpet Beyonce - Deja Vu World's best selling Pop/Rock Artist Bob Sinclar - World, hold on World's best selling Pop Artist Andrea Bocelli - Can't help falling …


Michael Jackson : The Interview Collection 5 Disc Set

DVD INFORMATION Michael Jackson 3 Interview Martin Bashir Collection Interview Take 2 - Footage you where not meant to see (2 Discs) Secret World of Michael Jackson (1 disc) DVD INFORMATION …


Michael Jackson : 3 Movie Collection

DVD INFORMATION   Ghosts & Making Documentary Moonwalker Captain EO & Making of Documentary DVD INFORMATION MENU : YES FORMAT : PAL/NTSC REGION : REGION FREE CONDITION : SEALED…


Michael Jackson : Prime Time Interview Artking

DVD INFORMATION   The Interview Michael Did with his Former Wife Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis Daughter) in 1995. See Michael and Lisa answer alls those Questions you wanted ask :-) This is t…


Michael Jackson : Oprah Winfrey Interview Artking

DVD INFORMATION   See Michael Jackson speak for the first time in 14 years live from his Neverland Ranch broadcasted in 1993 live around the world.  This is regarded as a true interview wher…